Show Yourself Some Love

It is easy to get so busy during your day, that you barely have time to breathe or eat lunch. However, studies show that people who get up, and take time for themselves actually accomplish much more in a given day, than those who just sit and plow through whatever comes across their desk. Their […]

3 Tips to a Holly, Jolly Holiday Season!

Yes, ‘tis the season to be jolly… fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!! It’s true, we are less than two weeks until Christmas Day and if you’re like myself and many others that I’ve been talking to recently, things are busier than ever this year. You might saying, “Where did November go?” or “How did it get to be the middle of […]

7 Simple Steps to a Stress-Less Vacation

Ahhh… you can feel it now, basking in the warm sunshine, sitting by a beautiful pool or the ocean – your mind drifts off and you are so there… so ready for a holiday!!!  Time to shed the suit, let your hair down and chill out.  Then, your phone rings. You snap back to reality… […]

3 Tips for All You Busy People!

Are you finding that this is the time of year where you are super busy?  Are you juggling a million different things? Whether you’re a business owner, a teacher or you work for a small organization or a large corporation, I always find this is one of the busiest times of the year.  It seems we […]

Accountability: Does it start with the Leader or the Team?

There are so many aspects to being a leader within an organization or running a business with a team.  There are also a few challenges that come with being in a leadership role and probably one of the challenges I hear about most often from leaders I work with, is accountability.  First of all, how […]

Do You Suffer from Distorted Focus?

How many times do you find yourself being pulled away from your goals because you got distracted? What is that about? I have been observing my own patterns of behaviour and the patterns of others as well. Here’s what I discovered. The reasons we allow ourselves to become distracted, typically come down to fear, avoidance or distorted focus. I have […]

5 Reasons to Write Down Your Goals

There are so many ideas out there about goal-setting and I have a few ideas of my own.  I am a firm believer in having a solid format in which to go about setting goals. Process is very key.  What I have also come to firmly believe in and probably the most important part of […]

5 Steps: Go from Overwhelmed to Productive and Calm!

How are you feeling these days?  It’s September now and summer is officially over today –it’s the first day of fall.  If you have children, they are back in school, you probably feel like you are getting back into your routines and hopefully ready to welcome fall and all it has to offer…cooler temperatures, spiced […]

Effective Leadership: more than a title, it is a way of being!

It’s the age-old question, what makes a good leader?  I think we have all experienced both good leadership and poor leadership.  I have asked and been asked this question many times over the years in conversation, in workshops, in coaching and here’s what I’ve discovered.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a leader in an […]

How to crush doubt… fast!

Doubt.  It’s something we all experience, dare I suggest on a regular basis in many aspects of life and business.  A client recently said to me, “I was having a great couple of weeks, feeling amazing… then out of nowhere, I woke up the other morning and felt deflated and began doubting myself.  “How do […]