5 Steps to a Happy Holiday!

Ah yeah, you can feel it already… the warm sunshine resting on your shoulders, you’re sitting poolside or on the beach.  Your mind drifts off and you are so there, so ready for a holiday.  It’s time to shed the stress and worry, let your hair down and chill out!!!  Then the phone rings. You […]

Let’s Keep the Line Moving Please!

When you hear this phrase from an authority figure such as security personnel in the airport or even if you’re waiting in line to purchase something or it’s in a venue of sorts, typically this refers to moving ahead with a quickened pace. While in Yoga class one morning the practice leader, during one of […]

Five Ways To A More Harmonious Life

These are some questions which come up regularly when I work with clients.  “How can I find more balance in my life?  I need to have more balance or I am going to lose it!”  They often ask, “How do you do it?  How do you find balance while you’re growing your business?” For those […]

What’s the Plan Stan?

This phrase, which, after some research, I’ve learned, is a play on words with no specific reference and a different spin is contained in the lyrics of Paul Simon’s song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – “Make a New Plan, Stan!” The phraseology got me thinking that this is reminiscent of how we set […]

Focus and Be Intentional

Do you suffer from ‘squirrel-syndrome’?  Are you having trouble staying focused?  Here are 3 Steps to being more focused and setting the intention: Use your agenda wisely – replace those to-do lists with blocking the time off each day, for important tasks and ‘sticking to the plan’.  For example, you might check your emails first […]

We Don’t Talk Anymore

For some of us, the title of this article will take you back to a song by Cliff Richards, which topped the charts in the late seventies.  For others, the title may be reminiscent of the new culture which has been perpetuated by technology. One Friday in May, I’m in the car driving to an […]

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning! Wow,  it’s April already?  Although it is officially spring, Mother Nature in Central Ontario has not been gifting us with the typical rain and warmer temperatures, which brings  hope for the season to follow. No, in fact, with the recent ice storm, we now have an extensive amount of clean-up to do. The […]

How is Your Task Manager System Working?

How often have you felt like you might fall down from exhaustion by Friday… and you just can’t wait for the day to be over so you can kick back, put your feet up and say, “TGIF… another week is over!”  You’re not alone AND there is a way to help alleviate this feeling – […]

What Colour Is Your Traffic Light?

The other morning, I was stopped at an intersection waiting for the traffic light to turn green.  As I stared at it, “willing” it to change, I asked myself the following question:  “David, what colour is your traffic light?” Now often times, I have had conversations with myself in the car, which I consider to […]

7 Simple Steps to a Stress-Less Vacation!

Ahhh… you can feel it now, basking in the warm sunshine, sitting by a beautiful pool or the ocean – your mind drifts off and you are so there… so ready for a holiday!!! Time to shed the suit, let your hair down and chill out!!!! Then, your phone rings. You snap back to reality… […]