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“I had the pleasure of hearing Heather speak a few weeks ago. She has the ability to immediately capture the audience’s attention. She has a very down-to-earth approach and establishes connection by telling a bit of her own story. In a very brief period, she was able to help me recover the true purpose of my path and business. As a result, I felt re-energized and more motivated.
Anyone can call themselves a coach but few possess the skill to communicate in such a meaningful full way. I highly recommend Heather!”

Nicole R from Barrie

I had the pleasure of working with Heather from Spark Your Vitality when she conducted the “Build Your Business Roadmap” workshop for a group of young entrepreneurs. Heather did an amazing job at engaging the attendees and really motivated them to get excited about their business goals. She ensured that she took the time to connect and build a rapport with each participant in order to relate the content to their individual situation. I would 100% recommend her services to others and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Alexandra O’Brien from Barrie

“Goal-setting Workshop Facilitated by Heather Wilson: •Goal-setting – finally was able to logically break down steps to make a goal specific to my needs. I have tried many times prior, but never got it! Heather answered questions thoroughly, gave relevant examples from her own experience too. •Great flow of the topic, good discussion and useful handouts and workbook. Easy to understand, a fantastic group of participants and the instructor was passionate about the topic –time flew by! •Love the practical steps because that is the foundation. •Great workbook –details and good information to take home with me.”

Anonymous from Barrie

“I have taken a couple of Heather’s workshops and each time have had a breakthrough. Her meditation to commence the activity for the ‘Ready, Set, Strategize’ Workshop really gave me an epiphany and great clarity on naming and delivering my own packages. Like WOW it all came together!! Her mind mapping workshop made mapping so easy and fun, it gave me permission to be as whimsical and artistic as I am without restraint, and boy did it get the creative juices flowing… but then she has a way of helping me expand my focus. If you haven’t yet worked with Heather you must; it’s fun, productive, and really easy, and why wouldn’t you want to let go of struggle?”

Jessy Morrison from Barrie

Being a young entrepreneur is tough. There are so many hurdles to jump through, you’re constantly underestimating your ability and you continually question if your business is valuable. There were countless times I wanted to call it quits and give up. Heather has been by my side every step of the way to reassure me and to provide me with the right tools to succeed with confidence. Without the genuine support, love and knowledge from Heather I don’t think I would be where I am today with my business. Heather provides you with amazing support and guidance that allows you to put your best foot forward which empowers both you and your business to grow! I can’t thank Heather enough for believing in my business vision and giving me the right tools to succeed! I highly recommend Heather’s services to any entrepreneur!

Megan Suggitt from Orillia

Incredible workshop, lots of ah-ha moments! Heather is great at coaching to help get you to the root of the issue and guides participants to find their solution. We learned techniques that can be applied to many areas of life. Plus lot of great tools to carry the learning forward in the office/work environment.

Lisa from Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie

I recently attended the “Find Your Voice” Lunch n Learn and came away with some great information and ideas. I was reminded of things I thought I knew, was given fresh tips for creating the mindset before beginning the speech and left feeling excited and inspired. Thanks Heather!

Local from Local

I attended a “Ready, Set, Strategize!” workshop at the end of my Maternity Leave. My interaction with Heather and other group participants allowed me to visualize my action plan to build “My Own Best Life”. I really liked that the goal setting segment of the workshop allowed me to focus on my own personal values. Focusing on my personal values ensured that the goals I created were a reflection of my values. Thank you for inspiring and empowering me to improve my life.

Laura from Barrie

Had an amazing morning with Heather in her mapping class for business owners. We were creative and focused as Heather directed us to put on paper what our goals are professionally and personally. Takes your thoughts and ideas and puts them on paper. I have already put some ideas in motion!
Thanks again Heather :). Mary Lou

You Need a Break! from Barrie

“Workplace Leadership Training – Facilitated by Heather Wilson. Liked the way the exercises involved everyone. A great way to get people to mix. ~ Learned additional techniques for getting to the root of the problem ~ The format is interactive and the dynamics are engaging. It was also a great way to network with other employees exchange opinions and learn from others experience ~ I was pleasantly surprised with the mindset of the other participants. Everyone seemed to be engaged which is most likely due to Heather’s expertise and therefore the class was more meaningful than other classes that I have attended. I look forward to the rest of the course. ~ Group discussion ~ The interaction with other coworkers and the real live examples discussed during class ~ Heathers personality was terrific. She was an excellent communicator and encouraged everyone to participate. Great sense of humor as well! Great job Heather ~ I enjoyed the interactive learning from others experiences.”

Anonymous from Barrie

“Emotional Intelligence Seminar facilitated by Heather Wilson. Loved about the seminar…
•The comparison between our own emotional needs and the emotional needs of others. •Really enjoyed the empathy activity; recognizing that we all need to have empathy for each other and our clients. •Ah-ha –our needs are very much the same as our clients! •The worksheet “How aware are you?” It was very relevant to the workplace and good interactive activity. •Enjoyed learning about this topic and now have more in-depth knowledge of it. •Loved the worksheet exercise. •We need more of this kind of thing. It gives me some goals to work on. •Loved the part about emotional triggers. “

Anonymous from Barrie

“When I was introduced to Heather I was overwhelmed and struggling. Then I attended her Ready, Set, Strategize workshop.
She literally “Sparked” me back on track!!
I left the workshop feeling empowered again and went right to work mapping my strategy. I now have a daily point of reference and can easily keep track of where I am in my plan.
It doesn’t end there…I don’t have to worry about derailing again because Heather offers follow up coaching. I highly recommend this workshop; not only for entrepreneurs but for anyone who needs goal-setting guidance. Love your energy Heather and many thanks!”

Karen Le Blanc from Barrie

“I’m really happy that I invested the time to attend The New and Empowered You workshop series presented by Heather Wilson of Spark Your Vitality. The program was arranged in a logical progression that helped me understand how our interactions are impacted by our communications styles, tools for improving our communications and how to implement them as we move forward with setting our life and business goals. Heather is a great listener and has the ability to really hear what you are saying, and help you to really hear yourself. I highly recommend Heather’s coaching and workshops.”

Paula Hansen Creative from Local

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