Focus and Be Intentional

Do you suffer from ‘squirrel-syndrome’?  Are you having trouble staying focused?  Here are 3 Steps to being more focused and setting the intention:

  1. Use your agenda wisely – replace those to-do lists with blocking the time off each day, for important tasks and ‘sticking to the plan’.  For example, you might check your emails first thing in the morning -block off 30minutes, then close down your email.  Book a meeting and be sure to secure a time frame that works for you and the other party.  In fact, it’s best to set the expectation up front!  If your meeting is at 1pm say, “I am looking forward to this meeting and I have until 2pm.  Does that timing work for you?”  Then stick to it.
  2. Start saying no – how is it that society has made this a bad thing?  Take a look at the most successful business men and women, they are selective about what events and meetings they attend and how they spend their time.  Be more selective about what meetings you attend.  This is something I have been learning over the last couple of years and it’s working well (for the most part) is to ask yourself, “What do I want from this meeting?”  It’s not about making the sale -it is about figuring out how you want to spend your time and energy.
  3. Practice good self-care – this is part of emotional intelligence.  Self-management is so key to increasing your overall wellness and how you ‘show-up’.  Taking time for you, whether it’s a walk around the block at lunch, a long run first thing in the morning (my personal favourite), or meeting up with a friend for coffee.  Practicing self-care and taking some quality down time during your busy work week will go a long way to helping you manage stress, stay focused and make good decisions.

Follow these quick tips over the next few weeks and you’ll be amazed at what happens for you!

Written by: Heather Wilson